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How Easier and Shorter Workouts Using Just Your Own Bodyweight Can Help You Slim Down This Summer
All of the sudden the summer is upon us.

Tank tops, shorts, bathing suits...

And doesn't it seem like all we want to do is "party?!"

It's like going to the gym becomes exponentially harder to do!

So how can you stay on track this summer and feel and look great without having to spend hours in the gym?

By being more efficient with your workouts!

You can get KILLER results and slim down this summer in just 35 minutes a day using just your own bodyweight.

We always think we have to do MORE to get results.

But sometimes LESS IS MORE!

By combining Intervals and Density Training with bodyweight moves you can get better results without even going to the gym!

Help keep yourself on track this summer and, even prevent nagging aches and pains, with this bodyweight program that uses variations, tempo and volume to get you faster results!

My name is Cori Lefkowith, owner of Redefining Strength. 
I'm going to share with you how you can slim down this summer with just 35 minute bodyweight workouts! 

And I'm going to tell you why sometimes SHORTER and even EASIER workouts are BETTER!

First though...We've all heard CARDIO is key for weight loss...

But all cardio isn't created equal!

Why is Interval Training better for weight loss and building lean muscle than Steady-State Cardio!?
Why Interval Training Is BETTER Than Steady-State Cardio For Weight Loss
HIIT is all the rage.

And with good reason.

High intensity interval training is a great way to get fast results even when you're short on time.

Whether you want to build strength or lose weight, you can WITHOUT hour-long gym sessions if you vary your intensity with interval training!

Why do Intervals work so well for weight loss?

Intervals work better than steady-state cardio for weight loss because they constantly challenge your body. 
With steady-state cardio, your body is quick to adapt.

Your body gets used to the workload so you don't continue to burn as many calories with each session. You've become more efficient.

Which, on the one hand, is a good thing. It means you've gotten in better shape. HOWEVER, it doesn't help you get FASTER and continued results doing the same thing.

With Interval Training though, your body is constantly forced to work because new demands are placed on it each and every workout. 

By cycling intensities each session, and including short intervals of work that even allow you to go HARDER than you could with an hour-long cardio session, you can increase your calorie burn and even your EPOC (or after burn). 

Plus, while steady-state cardio can be CATABOLIC to muscle tissue, Interval Training can be used to not only retain lean muscle mass (especially as we get older), but even be used to BUILD muscle as you burn fat!

So not only can Interval Training help us get more out of less time so it fits our busy schedule better, BUT it can help us avoid plateaus and build lean muscle as we burn fat!

And when you pair Intervals with Density Training, you can avoid the gym altogether and get killer results with quick bodyweight workouts!
What Is Density Training And Why Does It Work So Well?
Want better results in less time?

Intervals aren't the only way to shorten your workouts BUT improve your results...

Density Training is another killer technique ESPECIALLY if you're only using your own bodyweight!

What is Density Training?

Ever see those "AMRAP" workouts? 

Those workouts where you are supposed to do as many rounds as possible in a set amount of time?
Those workouts are using a Density Training Technique...And that is why they work so well!

Density Training is a workout design you can use to increase your volume while spending less time in the gym. 

For example, with my clients that want to build lean muscle to slim down, I'll use timed circuits. You try to get as many rounds as possible, using the most challenging variations possible, in a set amount of time. 

By increasing the amount of work you can do in a set amount of time, you increase your work capacity which leads to muscle hypertrophy aka building lean muscle.

Ever wonder if you can build strength with just your own bodyweight?!

The answer is yes! Especially with Density Training!

When you don't have loads to help you build strength, VOLUME is key. Through adding volume with Density Training, you can challenge your body using just your own bodyweight.

Density Training isn't just timed circuits though. 

You can actually COMBINE Density Training with Intervals for killer fat burning results!

Instead of trying to get as many rounds as possible in a set amount of time, or instead of counting reps, set a timer and attempt to get as many reps of a move as possible in that time.

By using DENSITY INTERVALS, you can build full-body strength and burn fat with shorter workouts.

So ready to stop spending hours at the gym? Then start combining Intervals and Density Training in your workout routine!
Why SHORTER and EASIER is sometimes BETTER!
Working out HARDER and getting results are NOT the same thing.

We like to think that if we are working hard, we are going to be guaranteed results.

But it just doesn't work that way!

Sometimes we don't get the results we want because we are actually working out for too long and pushing too hard.

If we want to slim down, sometimes shortening our workouts, upping our intensity and then VARYING our intensity over the week, can lead to faster results.
You know those "recovery" workouts we all love to skip because they don't feel like they provide us with as much "bang for our buck?"

Well those workouts keep us healthy, improve our mobility, get the right muscles activated and working and therefore help us get MORE out of our more intense workouts.

By cycling our workouts over the week and doing some "easier" workouts, we prime our body to get better results AND we avoid those injuries that can derail our progress.

Plus by adding in some short and INTENSE workouts, over LONGER workouts, we can make it not only easier to stay on track with our workouts, especially as our schedule gets busy, BUT also boost our metabolism, improve our blood pressure and even improve our insulin sensitivity. 

AKA they can help us lose weight faster AND make us healthier!

Now you may be thinking, "What if I increase my intensity AND workout longer?"

A. Your workout intensity DECREASES as the length of your workout increases.

B. All too often we turn to longer workouts, when LONGER can mean our hormones start to work against us. HGH and testosterone go down as the workout gets longer while cortisol levels rise. AKA the hormones that AID in gaining muscle lower and the hormones responsible for CATABOLIZING muscle tissue go up!

C. Trying to push the intensity for too long can not only lead to overtraining, which can lead to weight loss plateaus, but also INJURY!

And on top of all that...You know what really gets us the results we want?!


And consistency comes from workouts that are not only fun, but that fit our busy, lifestyle! 

So why not include shorter workouts?! They will not only get you better results in less time BUT they'll be something you can stick to for LONG-TERM SUCCESS!
Why Your BODYWEIGHT Is The Only Equipment You Need!
Variations, Tempos and Volume!
I own a functional fitness studio. 

I have all the tools - from standard dumbbells and barbells to kettlebells and sleds and ropes. Heck, I even have BARRELS to push around.

But when someone asks me what my FAVORITE training tool is?

My answer is my own bodyweight!

Whether you want to prevent injury, gain lean muscle or slim down, all you really need is your own bodyweight.

How can just your own bodyweight do all of this?

So often we think "weights" or loads are the only way to challenge our bodies and gain strength.

But we can do the same thing using just our own bodyweight.


Try changing up the variations of the moves you use. 

For instance, instead of a squat, try a SINGLE LEG SQUAT! By doing unilateral moves, you not only make the move HARDER but you also force each side to work independently.

By working each side independently, you can correct muscular imbalances to prevent injury!

Harder variations not enough? Try changing up the tempo of the move!

Not only can you speed up the tempo to make moves explosive and more cardio to burn fat, but you can also slow down the tempo to build muscle.

More time under tension means more muscle tissue damage. More muscle tissue damage means your muscles have to regrow stronger. AKA you get stronger!

Want to make it even harder AND increase your fat burn even more?

Try also increasing your volume. 

Adding volume is a great way to get better results because it allows you to challenge your muscle without weights. This is where Density Training and especially Density Intervals come into play! 

Increase that volume and build lean muscle mass!

Using these 3 techniques you can get results without any equipment.

You know the key behind all of this!?

Are You Ready To Get Strong And Slim Down This Summer In Just 35 Minutes A Day?
Ready to slim down, but not sure how to implement these techniques or even what moves to use to get faster and BETTER results?!

In my 10-Week Summer Slim Down, I've laid everything out for you.

For the next 10 weeks you don't have to figure out what workout to do or wonder if it will get you results.

I've laid out every workout you need to do and I've tested the workouts and exercises on myself and on my clients worldwide to make sure I can guarantee you the results you're looking for.

This 10-week program uses just your own bodyweight to help you lose weight, build muscle and move and feel better. 

There's no need to spend hours in the gym!

Through combining Intervals, Density Training, variations, changes in tempos and VOLUME, I've created a program to help you get results. 

And by cycling intensity throughout the program's progression, including the mobility work we so often avoid, I'll help you avoid those annoying injuries that often sideline us right when we seem to be starting to make progress.

If you want to overcome your weight loss plateaus and stay on track this Summer, even when your schedule gets busy, you'll love these quick bodyweight workouts all under 35 minutes! 
What You'll Get With My 10-Week Summer Slim Down...
We all know DIET is key to weight loss yet all I've done is talk about workouts...

And that's for two reasons...

1. I believe all too often we don't really dial in our workouts to complement our diet.

2. We need to start somewhere and often the workouts are easier to dial in first!

That is why I wanted to offer 3 different options for my Slim Down program...
With all 3, you get the 10 weeks of bodyweight workouts, all under 35 minutes.

All of the routines come in an easy-to-follow e-book you can download to any device. 

And, if you don't know a move, you have access to a complete exercise library with videos, pictures and written descriptions of all of the moves to help guide you. 

I do recommend for this program, you have basic foam rolling tools like a ball and roller to help you avoid injury. I also use gliding discs or Valslides, but paper plates, towels or even furniture moves can work!

If you already have your diet dialed in, this basic "Just The Workouts" Slim Down package is all you need.

However, if you're not only ready to dial in your diet, but also need some help and guidance to get your eating on track, you'll love my Workouts + Macro Cycling option.

This option combines the 10-Week Slim Down Workouts with both my Macro Cycling Accelerator and my Macro Cycling Shred. These programs contain over 80 recipes and sample days to help you dial in your eating whether you're Vegetarian, Paleo (Dairy and/or Gluten Free) or follow a more Traditional Diet.

They provide you with macro ratio to follow so you can dial in your diet to speed up your fat loss results. You can't out exercise a bad diet!

Want even more guidance and some HANDS ON COACHING? (And you're in Costa Mesa, California!?)

Then you'll love my third Slim Down option. 

Get the 10 week workout and diet plan PLUS 10 in-person training sessions! 

That way a real-life Redefining Strength trainer can help hold you accountable and keep you on track IN PERSON! Plus, you'll get to have the whole in-person RS community supporting you!

Ready to commit now but need a little support and guidance? 

Don't worry! 

Even if you're overseas, the Redefining Strength community and coaches will be there ever step of the way. I, Cori, the owner of Redefining Strength, help all of my clients tailor the program to fit their needs so they can get the results they're looking for even if they live thousands of miles away.

And the Facebook group offers even more support and accountability. 

Not only will you be able to connect and get advice from people who've already completed the program, but you'll even get the support of people going through it with you!

So stop WANTING results and start WORKING toward them today!
Just The Workouts
Just The Workouts!
  • 10 Weeks Of Workouts
  • Video Exercise Library
  • 24/7 Email Coaching
workouts + Macro Cycling
10 Weeks Of Workouts + Diet
  • 10 Weeks Of Workouts
  • Video Exercise Library
  • 10 Week Diet Plan (recipes, sample days and macro ratios)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 24/7 Email Coaching
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